About our Company

We are San Diego's one stop mobile pet groomer that does it all from clipping nails to fancy trims. Certified, licensed, and insured; we provide full grooming services all at the convenience of the customer's home or business. Mobile grooming is not only convenient for the customers; it is also convenient for the customers' furry friends.

We take great pride by providing your pet with a one on one interaction and treating them as if they're were one of ours. In our state of the art mobile grooming vehicles the anxiety level with your pet will be much less because there are no scared barking animals around in cages. In grooming salons animals may be left in a cage for hours where with One Stop Mobile Pet Grooming there are no cages. Instead there is no waiting around just straight to grooming, which takes approximately one to two hours depending on the furry friends and the selection of treatment.


 Our experienced staff and certified groomers possess an incredible passion for their work, you can rest assured that your best friend is in the best hands. At One Stop Mobile Pet Grooming we believe a happy pet is a happy owner, so sit back and relax because we'll come to you!   

About the Owner

Sarah is a second generation pet groomer. She has sixteen years of experience with dog grooming, animal hygiene and basic knowledge of pet nutrition. In her adolescence years she would spend nights after school, weekends, and summer days at the families salon. This is where she grew her talent with grooming and handling pets, as well as her compassion and love for animals. After receiving her master grooming certification she returned to her families salon where she became the head mobile groomer. After a few years she realized that she wanted to become a pet groomer in San Diego. Along with the help of her husband, they made the move and established One Stop Mobile Pet Grooming in 2013.

Her calm demeanor is wonderful for all dogs, especially the nervous ones. She makes extra sure that the animals are comfortable and feel safe as if she were caring for them as her own. On her spare time, she enjoys meditation through breathe work and is a certified yoga instructor. She also enjoys hiking with her two furry kids, Maui and Kai, as well as jogging around town meeting new furry friends.

Her passion for animals and devotion to customer service is the back bone to our business and is what makes One Stop Mobile Pet Grooming an experience we guarantee you will not forget.

Sarah Roy, Owner and Groomer, One Stop Mobile Pet Grooming

Sarah Roy, Owner and Groomer, One Stop Mobile Pet Grooming