Mobile Salon


No Cages

Was your pet adopted or are they scared of cages? No problem! In our state of the art self-sustaining mobile vans there are no cages, no scaredy cats, or barking dogs! It's a one-on-one interaction in a climate controlled atmosphere with a highly trained certified mobile groomer.


Self-sustaining... We bring the power and water to you

Did we mention our vans are self-sustaining? That's right! No need for us to hook-up to your garden hose or electric outlet; we'll bring the power, supplies, and our services to you. Our "pampering mobile pet facility" is fully insulated and climate controlled for the most comfortable atmosphere. With bright LED lighting, a fully adjustable water heater, and an overhead ventilation system; we make it easy and safe grooming your best friend. Our unique design keeps our lour equipment (vacuum system, blow dryer, etc.) in a separate room to keep those sensitive ears stress-free. 


Fits on every street

Our mobile grooming vans are small enough to fit on just about every street in San Diego and have self-contained waste water tanks to keep the front of your house or office clean. 



No more loading and unloading into your car and getting it dirty or hairy. No need for driving all across town to the groomer, wasting gas or your important time, then rushing back to pick them up. Don't make your dog sit in a cage for hours waiting for their turn. Instead sit, stay and relax because we'll bring the entire salon right to you!